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Ikea's TaskRabbit investigating cyber-security incident

Ikea's freelance labour marketplace Task Rabbit temporarily shut down its app and website amid an investigation of a "cyber-security incident."

Financial services industry most targeted with malware for second year

For the second year in a row, the financial services industry tops the charts as the most targeted industry with the highest volume of security incidents and the third highest volume of cyber-attacks.

US tax collector breach victims double original estimate

As typical with most breaches initially underestimating the overall impact of a cyber-security "incident," the hack of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue in the US was more than twice as large than originally anticipated.

Survey: Most security pros aim to patch vulnerabilities within 30 days

High-profile cyber-security incidents continue to appear due to the mistake of companies not applying patches to known vulnerabilities according to Tripwire research.

Cyber-criminals favoured non-malware attacks in 2017: Report

Non-malware-based cyber-attacks were behind the majority of cyber-incidents reported in 2017, despite proliferation of malware available to both the professional and amateur hacker.

Security response and the 'Richter Scale' of incidents

Anthony Di Bello explains how it is necessary to understand the scale of various security incidents and their ramifications to provide a measured response.

Why your IR team should be more like Scooby Doo

If you want to get incident response right you need to channel Chuck Norris and become a bit more like the Scooby Doo team, says SANS instructor Steve Armstrong.

UK firms horribly unprepared for data breach response

Two new studies reveal that despite a third of UK businesses suffering a breach in the last year, most organisations severely overestimate their readiness to respond to an incident.

How BYOD and collaboration trends solve corporate incident management

Workforce collaboration via mobile devices and apps is a positive thing, so long as business options are used says Joseph Do.

Sony's 'small' spend on breach remediation - but are Russians inside network too?

Sony Pictures Entertainment has spent around US$ 15m (£9.87m) on investigating and remediating last year's data breach, which saw hackers steal terabytes of data.

US firms spending millions on false positive security alerts

US$ 1.3 million spent on false positive cyber-security alerts

Bruce Schneier: 'Incident response is failing'

Renowned cryptographer Bruce Schneier took aim at the security industry and poor incident response planning during a typically forthright talk in London yesterday.

ICYMI: Black Hat news, biggest breach ever & figures to take to the CEO

This week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) highlights from the Black Hat conference, and reaction to the 'biggest data breach ever'.

eBay counts the cost after 'challenging' data breach

John Donahoe, the chief executive officer of eBay, has confirmed that May's data breach has had a negative impact on revenues and user activity.

The role of cyber war games in developing advanced cyber defence

The emerging concept in preparation of advanced cyber defence is cyber war games.

CEOs and CISOs must share blame for data breaches

Data breaches continue to make the news, with eBay and Target the most prominent of recent victims, but questions are now being asked on which personnel should take the blame.

eBay reputation tarnished by breach response

eBay has been criticised for a lack of concise communication and poor security advice just 24 hours after the ecommerce giant disclosed that it had suffered a massive data breach.

Data breach discovery takes 'weeks or months'

A new report confirms what's long been feared - businesses take too long to recognise and react to a data breach.

CERT UK finally launches to counter cyber threats

The UK government finally launched its first national computer emergency response team, CERT-UK, in London today.

1 in 3 businesses have no incident response plan

Despite numerous commentators stating that it's now a case of 'when' rather than 'if' businesses are hit by a cyber attack, a new study reveals a third of companies have no incident response plans.

Security and network incidents increase for European businesses

A third of European enterprises have experienced an increase in the frequency of network and data security-related incidents in the last 18 months.