Industrial Control News, Articles and Updates

Researcher finds flaws in industrial control devices

A number of vulnerabilities found in an industrial automation device could allow hackers to take control of machinery.

SFG malware discovered in European energy company

A new piece of malware has been discovered skulking around the systems of an unnamed European energy company, according to Sentinel One Labs.

Cyber-security threat could cause 'Fukushima-like disaster'

A new report has warned of the dangers of bad cyber-security when it comes to nuclear power, handing out '0' ratings to tens of countries around the world and warning of a Fukushima-scale threat.

SCADA hackers reveal endemic ICS vulnerabilities in European rail

Serious flaws in European rail networks are opening trains to theft and derailment according to a group of Russian industrial control specialist hackers known as Scada Strangelove.

Hackable cars: Functionality at the cost of safety

Tony Dyhouse of the Trustworthy Software Initiative sat down with SC Magazine to discuss car hacking and the automotive industry's blind-spot towards it.

Positive Technologies helps to remove critical vulnerabilities

Nine vulnerabilities have been discovered in Siemens industrial control system kit in critical operations.