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76% of security pros believe threat intelligence should be shared

Many security professionals believe that they have a moral responsibility to share threat intelligence

New Zeus Sphinx banking trojan hitting Brazil

Capitalising on Olympics activity, a new version of Zeus Sphinx has been targeting banks in Brazil and Colombia.

Russian web hub offering stolen goods and exploit services, report

A robust underground marketplace for the sale of stolen products from compromised accounts as well as shady online services has been detected in Russia.

Using big data to uncover Deviant Behaviour

Cyber-attacks are getting larger, faster and more diverse, making them increasingly complex to identify and mitigate. But at the same time, as Kate O'Flaherty reports, businesses are collecting vast amounts of security data - far too much for a human to analyse and turn into something useful

Cyber-security new atom bomb, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Cyber-security is the greatest threat since the atom bomb, said Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The anatomy of a spear-phishing scam, or how to steal US $100M with a fake email

Stealing $100 million (£70.4M) from a major US corporation should be hard than setting up a fake email account, but for one cyber-criminal enterprise this is all it took.

Report: Pros urged to roll out IT projects before they are security-ready

IT security professionals report that they are regularly pressured to roll out new technologies and devices regardless of whether they are secure, according to a new survey.

Cyber-attacks claim spot as top threat for businesses once again

For the second year running, cyber-attacks are the top threat perceived by businesses. Data breaches took second place on the list, up one place from 2015.

Financial institutions will suffer from data breaches in other industries, says report

Respondents to a new survey from FICO unanimously agreed: Data breaches this year in other industries will damage financial institutions.

Cyber-security assurance earns "C" grade in new study

A new study investigating how IT security professionals assess and mitigate cyber-security risks showed much room for improvement.

Cyber-crime costs Northern Ireland £100m per year

The cost of cyber-crime to Northern Ireland was estimated to be £100 million per year.

SCNY Congress: helping secure IoT

Secure communications for mobile is still widely overlooked and mission critical to the success of securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

SCNY Congress panel: Mind the gap! IT security

The SC Congress NY conference took place yesterday, 20 October.

Jamaican government advised to increase focus on cyber-security

Based on global trends, global security strategist and threat researcher, David Manky from Fortinet, has encouraged local IT personnel and policymakers in Jamaica to begin putting the threat of cyber-attacks higher on the nation's agenda.

Global survey releases greatest security concerns and risks

Cyber-attacks that exploit privileged and administrative accounts represent the greatest security risks for enterprises, says CyberArk in its latest report.

Women hold steady at 10 percent of info security workforce, study says

Women didn't increase their numbers in security over the past two years, according to a report released by (ISC)², which found that women in the security workforce held steady at 10 percent.

Outsourcing IT security continues to grow, study finds

Spending on the outsourcing of IT functions is rising, according to a new report from Computer Economics.

Kaspersky Lab denies allegations it induced false positive AV detections

A Reuters article claimed the Russian cyber-security firm intentionally poisoned good files to throw off competitors' antivirus detection.

Yahoo bug bounty programme pays out more than US$1 m to researchers

Yahoo's Interim CEO Ramses Martinez detailed the company's bug bounty programme's successes since its creation in 2013.

Last Word: Cyber-blackout - The dangers within and without the grid

Utilities face thousands of cyber-attacks every day, but we are not prepared for a successful take-down despite the very real threat says Oliver Eckel

Infosec Europe 2015 preview

Now in its 20th year, the event's theme is "Intelligent Security: Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover."

Delivering digital services: SC Roundtable report

The public sector is being asked to deliver its services digitally, with availability and reliability just as important as security, as our experts agreed at a recent SC Magazine Roundtable

Debate: is your money safe online?

Jen Andre and Cameron Camp debate online financial security