BlockMaster has announced the launch of the SafeStick SuperSonic USB flash drive.

Enabling file transfer that is five times faster than other devices, the company claimed that it offers up to 23MBps for write and 33MBps for read.

Anders Pettersson, CSO at BlockMaster, said: “Unsecure portable devices are still being used as other more secure devices are often sluggish, which impacts user productivity. This means users just ‘take their chances,' no matter what the corporate security policy says. SafeStick solves this problem as it provides access to files within seconds, so there is no hassle for the user and productivity levels remain high.   

“The benchmark tests of SafeStick SuperSonic against other devices in the market shows it is the speed leader for data transfers. This combined with the optimised initialisation speeds makes it the super sports car of the USB world, combined with the protection of an army tank.”

It features always-on automatic hardware AES 256 CBC encryption and will lock down using an adjustable timer lock via the SafeConsole web-based management solution for managing and auditing files.