Infection News, Articles and Updates

IoT botnet actively exploiting Drupal CMS bug

Botnet uses compromised systems to spread infection. Security researchers have discovered a large botnet that is using a severe flaw in the Drupal CMS in order to infect other systems.

SWIFT Grift: Fake financial messaging service emails deliver Adwind RAT

An email phishing campaign launched this month attempted to infect spam recipients with the Adwind cross-platform RAT by fooling them into thinking they received an important financial document from SWIFT financial messaging.

Government websites, including ICO, hit by cryptocurrency mining campaign

More than 5,000 sites, including sites belonging to the NHS, ICO, local councils and the Student Loans Company were hit by a cryptocurrency mining campaign that exploited a popular plug-in to infect sites with a malicious script.

Two charged in ATM 'jackpotting' scheme that yielded £35K

Two men, who reportedly posed as ATM repairmen at a Citizen's Bank branch in Connecticut, were charged with infecting a drive-through ATM with malware and stealing up to US$ 50,000 (£35,000) in a jackpotting scheme.

JenX botnet using video game to recruit IoT devices

Security researchers have found a new botnet that uses flaws connected to the Satori botnet and uses hosting services running multiplayer versions of Grand Theft Auto to infect IoT devices.

Two-year-old malware campaign plagues Ukrainians with Vermin, Quasar RATs

Researchers have uncovered a two-year-old cyber-espionage campaign that's been infecting Ukrainians with either a newly discovered remote access tool called Vermin or the more established Quasar RAT.

Jackpotting attacks are forcing ATMs to 'make it rain'

Organised criminals are physically accessing ATM machines and infecting them with malware that makes them spit out cash, in what reports are calling the first-ever confirmed case of "jackpotting" attacks in the US.

Millions of machines download cryptominer after users click on devious link

A newly discovered malicious URL redirection campaign that infects users with the XMRig Monero cryptocurrency miner has already victimised users between 15 and 30 million times, researchers have reported.

Researchers: Malicious Chrome extensions infected 500K workstations

More than a half-million workstations at major global organisations were recently found infected with malicious Chrome web browser extensions that were likely used to commit click fraud and SEO manipulation.

Forever 21 blames malware, lapses in encryption, for card data compromise

A POS malware infection was responsible for compromising payment card data collected at certain Forever 21 stores last year - an attack that was exacerbated by a lack of encryption on some devices, the retailer stated last week.

North Korea bitten by bitcoin bug: Lazarus Group now financially motivated

Several multistage attacks that use cryptocurrency-related lures to infect victims with backdoors and reconnaissance malware that have been attributed to the Lazarus Group have been uncovered by Proofpoint researchers.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo: malware that attacks malware

When two malware worlds collide: Thanatos malware attacks malware, then attacks your network.

Chinese mobile app promotion company launches global Android adware campaign

A China-based mobile app promotion company reportedly created an adware attack that takes total control over victims' Android devices, FireEye found.

Windigo malware infects 25,000 Unix servers

Systems administrators urged to take the 'tough medicine' and wipe all affected computers

Microsoft leads transatlantic attack on ZeroAccess botnet

Microsoft, the European Cybercrime Centre, the FBI and other agencies disrupt ZeroAccess botnet.

US power companies were shut down by USB-transmitted viruses

A US power company was shut down for three weeks by a virus brought in by an infected USB stick.