Infections increasing with Ransomware, Kovter

News by Ava Fedorov

Infections related to the particularly insidious Ransomware, Kovter, have doubled in the past month, according to the threat research team at Damballa.

Though the malware primarily targets those who visit adult websites—scanning browser history to find lascivious content to present as evidence of ‘illegal activity'—Kovter will go so far as to create pornographic browser history content if none exists.

“Like any good blackmailer, Kovter tries to shame its victims into silently paying the fine,” says Gina Pimentel of Damballa. And, as with all Ransomware, paying the ransom will not remove the malware or restore the computer system. Pimentel further advocates that those affected should not be “good victims,” and should instead fight back by immediately reporting such cyber crimes to the proper authorities and by using only trusted methods and sources to fix the infection.

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