Informatica has announced the completion of the acquisition of Agent Logic.

The data integration software provider has acquired the complex event processing (CEP) software vendor. The combination of the two companies will enable organisations to be more responsive, adaptable and agile, according to Informatica.

Informatica claimed that the acquistion will enable event-driven active data integration. The combination of the CEP and Informatica's identity resolution will support identity-aware event processing, which will enable a variety of applications in financial services, healthcare and, particularly, the public sector.

Sohaib Abbasi, chairman and CEO of Informatica, said: “The combination of Agent Logic CEP and the Informatica Platform will advance our technology leadership with unique, compelling capabilities for customers such as support for event-driven active data integration and identity-aware event processing. With their track record and experience, Agent Logic will further strengthen our business in the public sector.”

Michael Appelbaum, president and CEO at Agent Logic, said: “The combination of Agent Logic CEP and the Informatica Platform is extremely powerful. By integrating event data with the related transactional and historical data, business users can better understand situational context, and based on this real-time operational intelligence, decrease the time to act and respond accordingly. This combination offers well-differentiated, powerful capabilities demanded by both government organisations and commercial enterprises.”