A lack of strategic thinking on Information Asset Management (IAM) could lead to problems for British businesses according to a new survey.

Although the majority of businesses surveyed understood what Information Asset Management (IAM) meant, very few appreciated the importance of confidentiality and access management within their organisation.

A huge 68 per cent of those surveyed correctly defined Information Asset Management as structuring information storage, but the need to manage information as confidential was only rated as important by 44 per cent.Key reasons for implementing IAM include compliance, and the survey found 87.8 per cent of businesses more likely to do so if required by regulation.

However, 67.1 per cent were less likely to if facing an acquisition or merger.However, a mere 10 per cent of those surveyed admitted to data loss, with an impressive 60.5 per cent having implemented encryption on laptops and 57.4 per cent encrypting email.The research from Integralis surveyed more than 250 British businesses.