Companies should look at data protection in the same way that they do with risk assessment.

Speaking at the launch of the BCS and ISAF personal data guardianship code, assistant commissioner at the Information Commissioner's Office, Jonathan Bamford claimed that it had been 'a privilege to see the industry that has gone into this document' and that 'it does say something that solutions are not all technological ones, some are human, there needs to be different aspects and pleased that there is a clear message coming through.'

Bamford claimed that the public had seen, via various data loss incidents, how vulnerable their details are and he had seen the public's confidence in data protection 'take a real beating in the last few years'.

“As society's confidence has eroded and we look at what can go wrong, this code tries to get into areas all of the way down the chain. There is no single silver bullet to dealing with risk, it is almost like a mosiac as in order to get whole picture, organisations have to understand their responsibilities. This has to come from the top.”said Bamford

He further claimed that as the 'Facebook generation' is now looking after data, there needs to be a better awareness of protection overall.

Bamford said: “People are key to making change, they set out responsibilities and different stages by setting the right standards and setting out the message on how they need to live up to the responsibilities. I hope many will follow lead with their data guardianship.”