Information Disclosure News, Articles and Updates

Accidental data leakage would be thing of the past with BS 10010

Consultation opens on BS 10010 which seeks to bring government-style information classification schemes to public organisations and end inadvertent data leakage.

SC Congress Amsterdam: Info sharing essential to combating cyber crime

A panel convened at SC Congress Amsterdam's session on preventing cyber-crime. They agreed that we need to consider the threat, our response and how we might become equally and better organised than our opponents.

EU, Japan to fight cybercrime together

On Wednesday, the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission met with Japan's Prime Minister to address issues including economics, space travel and cyber security.

Facebook bloggers reveal way to peek at private profiles

Two Facebook fans generated a load of free publicity for their new blog when, in their maiden post, disclosed a vulnerability in the social-networking website that could enable outsiders to view parts of profiles that are set to private.