The Information Security Forum (ISF) has signed an affiliation agreement with the Japan Network Security Association (JNSA).

The agreement will move to promote the development of worldwide standards and best practice guidelines for IT governance and information security. The two organisations will also work together on joint projects and research as well as the development of new tools and methodologies.

Prof. Howard A. Schmidt, president of the ISF, said: “The ISF and JNSA share common values and goals and by establishing this new relationship we can learn from each other's members to gain a better understanding of how organisations across different geographical regions are applying best practice management, governance and controls to address information security challenges.” 

Ryoichi Sasaki, professor of Tokyo Denki University and chairman of the JNSA, said: “Since our formation nine years ago, the activities and results of the JNSA have gained increasing importance both domestically and internationally. This new collaboration with the ISF will help to build a strong foundation of shared information from around the world to raise awareness and promote greater overall information security.”