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FS-ISAC hit with phishing attacks

A Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) employee fell victim to a phishing attack that compromised login credentials enabling additional phishing attacks.

India's 1.2 billion citizen national database reportedly breached

India's national ID database containing the information of nearly 1.2 billion people was breached with cyber-criminals selling access to the information for US$ 8 (£6), though officials deny the extent of the incident.

4SICS: making cyber-threat intel work better for ICS pros

Thomas Schreck, principal engineer of Simenes' CERT, alongside Margrete Raaum, leader of the KraftCERT from Norway told an audience at 4SICS 2016 on why cyber-threat intelligence plays an important part in information sharing in the energy industry.

Physical identities are dead. Long live digital identities!

Claire de Longeaux discusses how physical identities need to change, notably through a numerical evolution.

CYBERSEC 2016: Can you enforce international cooperation on cyber-security?

International cooperation, even within the context of the European Union, is never easy but is vital in the fight against cyber-crime, CYBERSEC 2016 heard.

NIAS 2016: Sharing knowledge benefits all

Industrial partnerships were at the centre of the second day of NATO'S cyber-security symposium, NIAS, and many declared that alliances between organisations like NATO and the private industry really are the way forward in the fight against cyber-crime

Europol and F-Secure sign MoU to share cyber-crime info

Europol has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnish online security company F-Secure. The agreement aims to improve information sharing for fighting crime.

RSA Summit: Gibson urges information sharing to beat ransomware

The director of CERT UK laid out some of the problems facing UK cyber-space and outlined what cyber-security could do to help fix them.

Tech giants team up against new cyber-security law

A public protest has been issued against a controversial US cyber-security bill by some of the world's tech giants.

HMRC launches Cyber Security Command Centre

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) might not be everybody's best friend but it is ahead of the curve on information security. The tax office recently launched a new cyber-security command centre and is engaging in a clever new phishing training programme.

Identity management in the new frontier

Identity management is a complex task that requires not just a hefty dose of common sense when sharing information on the Internet, but also a reliance on third-party businesses to safeguard that information and respect consumer privacy, says Andrew Thomas.

'Need-to-know' strategy does not pass muster in cyber era

Defenders in the cyber-domain need to abandon the Cold War principle of 'need-to-know' - a gratifyingly simple but effective maxim, says Alister Shepherd.

Europol plans more malware 'takedowns'

Europol agency EC3 is partnering with Zeus and CryptoLocker threat specialist AnubisNetworks, as it bids to make take-downs more successful.

David Blunkett: Share skills & intel to improve national cyber-security

Former UK Home Secretary David Blunkett says the cross-sector sharing of information and skills is essential if nation critical cyber-attacks - and cyber- terrorism - are to be averted.

CISPA passes US House of Representatives amid continued concerns over inadequate privacy safeguards

The US House of Representatives pushed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) forward last night.