Mandatory security standards that will give the US government control over private networks should be actively supported.


The bill will give the government the power to shut down any aspect of the US infrastructure, such as power, telephony or environmental supplies, if an electronic attack takes place.


Tamar Beck, group event director of Infosecurity Europe, said: “The proposal to create a National Cybersecurity Advisor (NCA) position with direct reporting to the President will allow one person and their team to act as a focal point in the event of an electronic attack on the US infrastructure.


“This is an important step in securing the cybersecurity of the US and is in keeping with President Obama's stated aim of securing the IT infrastructure of the United States.”


The NCA will also be given the power to set security standards, which Beck claimed will help create a private-public framework that will foster IT security education and professionalism, at all levels


“In time, not only will the national US infrastructure be much better protected, but we could even see a better understanding of the need for cybersecurity amongst all internet users. And that is no bad thing,” said Beck.