Infosec professionals see security investment as 'gigantic waste of money'

News by Ava Fedorov

A new survey conducted by Lieberman Software at BlackHat USA, reveals a general lack of confidence among IT security professionals when it comes to the threat of advanced, state-sponsored attacks and the suceptibility of today's networks.

The survey found that more than half of IT security professionals believe their organisation will be threatened by a state-sponsored breach and are not confident about the existence of a past breach by a foreign state-sponsored attack or advanced persistent threat on their network.  

Digging deeper, almost half of these IT security professionals do not think that their IT staff are able to detect the presence of an attacker who attempts to breach their network or extract private data, nor do they believe their organisation's security products and processes will be able to keep up with new and emerging security threats.

The increasing number of successful state-sponsored attacks in the headlines is no doubt fueling this awareness, according to internet sources. The prevalence of such breaches also underscores the fact that they are not confined to military-related organisations.

The survey conveys a shifting view on current IT security infrastructure investments, identifying them, according to Phil Lieberman, CEO of the software firm, as a "gigantic waste of money."

“There are no 'get out of jail free' cards from the auditor or analyst community,” Lieberman continues, “only strong senior leadership will fix the current security debacle of weak internal security.”

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