InfoSecurity 2014 News, Articles and Updates

ICYMI: AOL data breach, fighting cybercrime, Target CISO and Windows XP

In a roller coaster week which saw AOL report a data breach, Target appoint a CISO and all the madness around Infosecurity Europe, SC looks at all the major stories in our latest In Case You Missed It column.

Raising the barrier to entry for hackers

Make hacking more time consuming, difficult and uneconomic if you want to deter intruders, says Kevin Kennedy of Juniper Networks.

Third-party security risks follow Target data breach

What should businesses be doing to ensure that contractors and other third-parties are aware of the risks in security? That was one of the key questions during a panel discussion at Infosecurity 2014 in London on Thursday.

BYOD 'explosion' but security caveats exist for CYOD too

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is already entrenched in many businesses, but some IT departments are trying to regain control - and security - by opting for Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) instead.

CT Expo: indentifying terrorists with digital forensics

Digital forensics speed up the digital battle against Al Qaeda indentifying what needs to be translated.

Red Teaming in the real world

Red teaming is a relatively new type of extended pen testing used to raise the security and governance bar in major corporates, most notably financial service organisations such as banks.

Security needs to look 10 years ahead

If it is to truly enable businesses, security needs to look now at implications of future developments and explain them to the board in financial terms, suggests the Infosec panel on Monday.

The Google cloud: security still a watchword

I don't believe there are new security problems due to the use of the cloud - Dr. Peter Dickman, engineering manager at Google, speaking at InfoSecurity Europe 2014.

E.U action needed to counter NSA surveillance, says security expert

Mikko H. Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, didn't mix his words when describing the former CIA contractor Edward Snowden and European technology companies in London earlier today.

Reputation the key driver for IT security

If you fail to address the security issue, then you can lose your company bonus, quips Adrian Davies, EMEA MD, (ISC)², at the Infosecurity Europe Show 2014.

KPMG partner calls for privacy protection

KPMG partner Stephen Bonner gave a bravura performance at Tuesday's BSides London conference that involved him wearing makeup, wigs and an electric shock device in the cause of protesting against our lack of privacy.

Infosecurity Europe: Are cybercriminals winning the security game?

One of the hot topics at the Infosecurity Europe show - held in London this week - is the scale and complexity of the latest attacks against corporates.

2014 SC Awards Europe Winners

The 2014 SC Awards Europe have finally come to a close. Here's a look at those who took home a big prize!

EC3: Darknet & cloud the barriers to prosecuting cyber-criminals

Troels Oerting, head of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), spoke about the difficulties of catching cyber-criminals during his keynote speech at the Infosecurity Europe exhibition in London earlier today.