InfoSecurity 2016 News, Articles and Updates

Video: Outlandish hacking demo shows how fragile cars can be caught up with Pen Test Partners' Ken Munro at InfoSec 2016 to talk about how he recently hacked his own Mitusbishi Outlander Hybrid

Infosec 2016: While cybercriminals cooperate, cops and businesses stumble

While cyber-criminals work together, businesses and law enforcement have a harder time doing so.

InfoSec 2016: Mikko Hypponen says SWIFT heists 'never seen before'

Mikko Hypponen undressed the recent SWIFT affiliate heists at Infosec 2016

36% of organisations have no cyber-attack response plan in place

An alarming 36 percent of businesses have yet to develop a cyber-attack response plan.

InfoSec 2016: How to manage huge risk of privileged insiders

In the drive to increase efficiency, organisations have outsourced many 'non-core' functions so how can they mitigate the information risks of using third-party IT suppliers?

InfoSec 2016: 3/4 experts agree working together crucial to incident response

A group of industry experts joined for a panel to discuss enterprise-wide cyber-incident response plans and proactive techniques for a rapid response and three of the four panellists agreed it's all about the people.

InfoSec 2016: EU GDPR - Don't panic, prioritise - and do the right thing for your customers

Don't panic, prioritise and plan for EU GDPR - and if you do the right thing for your customer, the chances are you will be compliant and avoid potentially hefty fines for data breach.

InfoSec 2016: Dr Jessica Barker explains why social engineering works

Dr Jessica Barker took to the stage at InfoSecurity Europe 2016 to explain why social engineering works and what we can do to reduce its effectiveness.

InfoSec 2016: Lord Hague says there is no "absolute right to privacy"

Lord Hague says there is no "absolute right for privacy" in our modern digital lives while encouraging partnerships between government and business.

InfoSec 2016: WhiteHat says "security from within" key to tackling web vulnerabilities

WhiteHat Security's vice president, Ryan O'Leary, says "security has to come from within", explaining that "no vendor will be able to help you if you don't secure your software or web application from the get-go."

InfoSec 2016: Hyppönen says "everything old is new again"

Mikko Hyppönen, security guru and chief research officer at F-secure, has been trawling through the malware archives, finding interesting precursors of today's criminal toolkit.

InfoSec 2016: Mimecast says organisations unsure about cyber insurance

Mimecast warns organisations relying on cyber insurance: your policies may not be fully up-to-date in covering new social engineering email attacks.

InfoSec 2016: Get staff onside to build a security culture

Its not security awareness, but changing behaviour that's the problem, and it takes time and effort to get it right delegates were told at InfoSec 2016.