Inside threat stems from growing frustration

News by Ava Fedorov

At least a quarter of finance sector workers revealed they are dissatisfied with their company's security policy, a new independent report for IS Decision reveals. So frustrated, in fact, that one in ten admit to “actively attempting to circumvent it.”

The research found that despite awareness of the risks presented, password sharing is common among those working in finance—more so than in other industries. Ironically it is the “strict policy restrictions” when it comes to IT security that is the cause of this industry-wide frustration, making internal policy violation par for the course.

“Organisations in the financial sector are operating with especially sensitive data and frequently are required to be compliant with a number of regulatory requirements,” Francois Amigorena, CEO of IS Decisions, commented in an email to He points out that though employees in the finance sector might be more aware of security, it seems that good awareness does not translate into good behaviour. Instead, there appears to be a “higher propensity for bad practice.”

According to Amigorena, the questions to ask now, are: Do they know why these violations pose risks? Are their restrictions applied specifically to these threatening  behaviours? And, are senior workers setting the correct example?

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