Insider Breach News, Articles and Updates

Active directory: The crown jewels for insider attacks

Active Directory (AD) is the primary authentication and authorisation directory for over 90 percent of the world's enterprises and some 500 million active user accounts, making it a common target for cyber-attacks.

Morrisons supermarket held liable after employee leaks data

Supermarket chain Morrison's was found liable, in a first of its kind data leak class action suit, for the actions of a former employee who stole the data on thousands of his co-workers and posted it online.

Homes and Communities Agency breach reported to ICO

Ahead of GDPR, even minor breaches are now being reported, with the UK government agency, the Homes and Communities agency, notifying the ICO of a limited breach of its information security policy on Monday 9 October.

Organisations must protect themselves and end-users from insider threat

Debbie Garside says simple end-user error is the biggest risk you face when it comes to data. But instead of end users facing the sack for making honest mistakes employers should be putting systems in place that protect them.

Is the ubiquity of technology putting corporate security at risk?

With growing demand from employees for their workplace to be flexible and allow them to work remotely, this is expected to coincide with a rise in cloud-based SaaS apps, so security teams are set to be struggling with maintaining a watchful eye over where company information has gone to.

Former Expedia IT employee admits to hacking execs from the inside

A former employee of travel company, Expedia's IT department has plead guilty to hacking into his bosses email accounts and using private information to play the market.

Hitsniffer ceases trading because of a malicious-insider data leak

Hitsniffer, a website analytics firm, suffers a malicious-insider data leak from ex-employee. Ex-employee now claiming he did not steal the data.

Chinese tech professional caught selling secrets

In the ongoing saga of Chinese-American economic espionage, a Chinese ex-IBM employee has been arrested for trying to sell source code and trade secrets to the Chinese government.

Developing: Mossack Fonseca IT worker arrested

An employee in the IT department of Mossack Fonseca, recently the subject of a massive leak, has been arrested in Geneva sparking suspicion that this may have been 'the inside man'

ISIS insider breach 'reveals' personal info of 20,000 jihadist recruits

ISIS has suffered an apparent insider data breach, allowing security agencies fighting the terrorist group to gather highly useful information.