Insiders blamed for alleged Jawbone IP and data theft

News by Doug Drinkwater

Wearable fitness technology firm Jawbone is suing rival FitBit, accusing the company of hiring its employees, who then allegedly went on to steal intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data.

The San Francisco lawsuit accuses FitBit of poaching staff, stealing IP and confidential trade data, and alleges that this was carried out by former Jawbone staff using USB sticks to transfer the data. FitBit and five former Jawbone employees are named in the lawsuit, although it is believed that another 10 former staff may have also been involved.

The central contact for this insider deviance appears to be a recruiter. The case says that a recruiter from FitBit contacted just under one in three (30 percent) staff. Both companies are based in San Francisco.

Last week, security researchers from Context Information Security found that, by using their own hand-built Android app, they were able to track users of FitBits, Jawbones and other wearable devices as well as smartphones, through their use of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE).


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