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InstaGate 604



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InstaGate 604



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Strengths: Highly capable, easy to use appliance

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found during this group test

Verdict: A first rate product, easy to set up and manage with excellent functionality for a fair price. We award this our Best Buy

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The InstaGate 604 can be built up to have as little or as much functionality as required by the environment. This is accomplished by using the ESoft SoftPaks. These SoftPaks are modules that include gateway anti-spyware, gateway anti-virus, IPS, spam filter, email content filter and many others.

ESoft also offers modules called ThreatPaks. These bundle protection facilities and are available in three flavours: email, network and web.

This product is very easy to use. The initial configuration of the appliance is done through an easy-to-follow set-up wizard. This wizard helps with configuration and also tests the configuration before exiting, so that you can be sure all settings work properly. We found this unique feature extremely useful.

Once the configuration is complete, the device will go out on to the internet and grab updates and service subscriptions automatically. This allows for absolute confidence that all services are up to date and running properly.

The web GUI for this appliance is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Along with high ease of use of this box comes a feature called ThreatMonitor. This is a one-stop shop for all that is going on in the network environment. Here, users can view and monitor the system, firewall activity, anti-virus and anti-spyware statistics, IPS activity, and monitor email, all in near real time.

This appliance is accompanied by a simple quick-start guide that briefly describes the set-up wizard and the steps of the initial configuration. The rest of the documentation is located directly on the appliance. This makes finding solutions to problems quick and easy.

There is also context-sensitive help available on each area on the web GUI. More detailed user guides are available as well.

ESoft offers around-the-clock phone and email support as well as a small support area on its website. This area contains user guides, a knowledge base and training guides.

The InstaGate 604 is priced at £1,943. This appliance is an excellent investment for almost any environment. Its ease of use and ease of management add to its value.

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