Integralis has announced that it will change its name to NTT Com Security AG, reflecting its parent's name NTT Com Group.

The company said that the name change will not involve any change in ownership of the organisation and there are no management or other operational changes planned.

Also added this week is a single global brand for its information security and risk management portfolio of managed and professional services, expert consulting and technology products named WideAngle. Combining NTT Com's security expertise, the company said that WideAngle, will provide customers with a holistic approach to information security and risk management. 

Integralis AG CEO, Simon Church, said: “For us, the name change makes good business sense as the two companies become more closely aligned. Combined with the creation of WideAngle as a single global brand, we will present clients and partners with a truly integrated solution for all aspects of their environment, be it cloud, mobile or a more traditional on-premise infrastructure.”

Akira Arima, CEO at NTT Com, added: “Integralis has become an integral part of NTT Com as our dedicated security arm over the last four years. As it becomes part of the NTT Com brand, it means we can continue to invest in information security skills, expertise and services, through the WideAngle brand, and also integrate into our Global Cloud Vision to provide secure global cloud services on a seamless, end-to-end basis.”