Integralis has launched data assessment services to combine technology and expert analysis when monitoring, managing and securing data within business.

It said that the expertise of the services enables organisations to identify specific data management requirements and implement efficient processes, tools and technologies to demonstrate compliance to legal and regulatory commitments for data management.

Alastair Broom, solutions director at Integralis, said: “Integralis focuses immediately on what's important to the business. We identify critical and sensitive data quickly and effectively, manage the delivery and storage of that information and assess its vulnerability. Our services help organisations not only to monitor, identify and report on data lost, but also to improve on their data loss prevention (DLP) strategy and policy settings to prevent future instances of losing sensitive data.”

The assessment service provides visibility into data in motion, at rest and in use. Data monitoring software is used to monitor the network and identify sensitive information and a typical assessment service takes five to ten days. At the end of the service, a full report with conclusions will be presented to the customer for policy fine-tuning, remediation or further DLP strategy planning, if appropriate.

During the assessment numerous channels of communication are also monitored including web, email, FTP and instant messaging and the report details what the data is, who accessed the data and where it is destined for. Data can be searched as it is traversing the network, when it is at rest on data repositories such as database servers, file servers or email servers, and in use on endpoints such as laptops or PCs.

Garry Sidaway, director of security strategy at Integralis, said: “DLP has become a top priority for many organisations due to an increasing amount of sensitive data that is being stored electronically; this valuable data enables organisations to provide greater services to consumers, but it also comes with responsibility to ensure the information is well protected.”