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Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

All's fair in love and war?

It's not just Clinton's campaign that's believed to have been hacked by the Russian state, and collusion with cyber-crime is also suspected. Beyond Russia, it is time to establish new norms for government behaviour online.

Foreign government requests for cyber-crime information up 44%

Cyber-crime requests triple in three years as international agencies seek greater cooperation to combat the threat.

World-Check due diligence list leaked online, Thomson-Reuters admits

A list of people suspected of links with crime and terrorism from due diligence company World-Check has been leaked online, reportedly by a former associate.

IBM's AI Watson might be solving cyber-crime by end of year

Artificial intelligence could make catching hackers more elementary but will cyber-criminals adopt the technology and could it make cyber-security professionals redundant?

Twitter blocks US spy agencies from getting key terror alerts

The social media giant has taken a stand when it comes to intelligence agencies using the service to collect data.

Banks warned that malware that hit Bangladesh central is heading their way

A special bespoke malware seems to the at the centre of a massive cyber-fraud resulting in the theft of millions of dollars from Bangladesh Bank

ICYMI: Madison extortion, Cyber-sec challenge, United bug-bounty, French intelligence, and Anonymous/ISIS spat

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at suspected Madison extorortionists, Cyber-Sec challenge finals, bug-bounty criticism, French intelligence & Anonymous' ISIS twitter battle.

French intelligence services in crisis following Paris attacks

Following the attacks on Paris on Friday, the French government is scrambling to upgrade its intelligence capabilities which have suffered from under recruitment.

Anonymous 'getting in the way' in campaign against ISIS

Anonymous' campaign against the Islamic State's internet assets has been criticised as a move that only hinders security and intelligence services attempts to investigate them.

An attacker's eye view is worth 1,000 words

Cyber situational awareness can help protect against cyber-attacks, loss of intellectual property and loss of brand and reputational integrity, says Alastair Paterson.

Will we ever get ahead of the hackers?

The number of data breaches has continued to grow in 2015. Barely a day goes by without a company or country falling victim to a cyber-security attack, says Gary Newe.

Start building and testing your cyber-security plans, say experts

Prioritise your assets and prioritise the actions you need to take to protect, monitor, and then remediate and recover from a data breach, said speakers at the Westminster eForum in London today.

London-specific threat-intelligence launching via Mayor's office initiative

London-specific threat intelligence is to be provided to businesses in the capital, possibly as early as next month, via an innovative independent body combining the police, government and the private sector, instigated by the Mayor's office.

RSA 2015: Knowing which way the wind's blowing

Sharing of industry and government data, collated centrally to create a cyber-threat weather map is now underway in the US, with threat indicators being issued.

'Volatile Cedar' cyber-spies discovered

Cyber-espionage by newly discoverd hacking group dubbed Volatile Cedar, believed linked to a Lebanese political group, leads to hundreds of webservers getting hacked.

US President Obama calls for cyber-security collaboration

The US government and the IT industry continue to lock horns over encryption, despite the US president's plea for greater co-operation between government and vendors.

US government to create cyber-intelligence agency

The Obama administration is expected to announce a new intelligence agency charged with sharing intel on cyber-attacks, in the wake of high-profile data breaches at Sony and Target.

Cameron: re-elect me and MI5 can snoop on all emails

Call for greater surveillence powers by intelligence agencies strengthened in the wake of Paris killings.

GCHQ tries to hack every server in 27 countries

British spy agency GCHQ has been scanning every public-facing server in 27 countries for years to find any weak systems it can hack, according to the latest media reports.

ICYMI: Google's Project Zero, ICO breach & sharing intel on critical infrastructure

This week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) column takes a look at Google's Project Zero, accusations of double-standards at the ICO and the need to share intelligence on critical infrastructure.

Microsoft unveils security information exchange platform

"Interflow will allow cyber security researchers to delve deeper than before, widening the aperture of our available datasets", says Context IS analyst Mark Graham.

'Take responsibility for your own security' - IFG

Information sharing, responsibility for security, and the balance between the state and the individual were among topics covered by the International Fraud Group forum.

GCHQ wants access to NSA surveillance data

GCHQ has been seeking unsupervised access to NSA mass data of people outside US borders according to recent reports.