Intelligent Security Automation: Making time for pro-activity
Intelligent Security Automation: Making time for pro-activity

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Date: 12th May 2016
Time: 2:00 p.m BST

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Chances are that over time you've added layers of security controls which have resulted in a growing number of alerts that need investigation. Analytics are key to threat resolution but effective cyber security is no longer a human scale process. With each new layer of defence the volume of alerts has grown to the point where only automation can help SOC analyst keep pace.

To better balance the large scale of threat volumes with the need for rapid analysis Huntsman industrialises the security management process. It delivers automated functions, streamlined processing and simplifies the day to day tasks of the security analyst. Huntsman eliminates false positives, automatically verifies any compromised asset and extracts only the relevant threat intelligence for immediate resolution so analysts can focus on the threats that matter.

By slashing the time from threat detection to resolution and by eliminating false positives you can free up analyst time for high value activities such as proactive investigation and threat hunting.


Piers Wilson
Head of Product, Huntsman Security

Nick Humphrey
Security Consultant, Huntsman Security

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