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Six years on from the official launch, just how secure is IPv6?

The world launch of IPv6 happened back in June 2012, and World IPv6 Day is on Friday 8 June. But just how secure is IPv6 some six years after that fanfare deployment?

The incredible opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things

Businesses cannot allow a lack of collaboration among internal departments to inhibit their ability to fully realise the potential afforded by future-facing technologies.

New Mirai botnet variants target ARC processors, cryptomining hosts

A newly discovered variant of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet is specifically designed to attack the ubiquitous 32-bit embedded Argonaut RISC Core processor from ARC International.

Agritech businesses in race to protect farmers from cyber-threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the farming and agricultural sector, but many agritech companies are concerned by the cyber-threats associated with the technology.

Three plead guilty to creating Mirai IoT botnet malware

Three men have pleaded guilty in US federal court to charges related to the creation of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet malware, variants of which have been used in a series of DDoS attacks since 2016.

New IoT bot Persirai ensnaring IP cameras

Apparently emanating from Iran, Persirai has been detected by researchers at Trend Micro linking more than 1,000 internet protocol (IP) camera models into a vast Internet of Things (IoT) botnet.

Robotics industry 'must quickly mature its cyber-security practices'

New research into the security of robots and the software that controls them suggests that vulnerabilities could pose a serious risk to life and property.

IOActive identifies security vulnerabilities in in-flight entertainment systems

The vulnerabilities could be exploited to tamper with the in-flight display and steal financial credentials, and the research suggests an attacker could even worm into the wider network.

IP EXPO: Pindar tells delegates prevention is not enough

While security spending continues to increase at a dizzying speed, breaches are increasing even faster, said Gemalto's Joe Pindar this morning at IP Expo. What are we to do?

Organisations need formal vendor risk management programmes, study

Third-party risks pose a "serious threat" to organisations but upper management may be able to curb the threat, according to a recent study.

Survey: Wearable devices most likely to pose IoT security threat

Wearables are the Internet of Things (IoT) devices most likely to emerge as a security threat or cause a breach, according to a new survey by Spiceworks and Cox Business.

Report: Ransomware feeds off poor endpoint security

Poor endpoint security is propelling the great ransomware epidemic of 2016 — and if allowed to fester, the threat will spread to new endpoints including IoT devices, cars and ICS and SCADA systems, a new report says.

Smart cities still dumb enough to be hacked

The root of the problem with malicious smart city hacking lies in the fact that sensors typically collect 'raw' data and then merely pass it on.

Nest disables smart home device, triggers IoT security concerns

Nest will disable its smart home product Revolv on May 15th. Revolv founders Tim Enwall and Mike Soucie will re-focus on building Works with Nest.

New report diagnoses healthcare bodies with poor cyber-security

Health care bodies appear to have a focus on protecting patient data, often forgetting to protect themselves from other more serious attacks, a new report has shown.

Businesses wary of IoT security says new report

Security is at the front of business leaders' minds when thinking about implementing IoT solutions to their businesses says a new report from Webroot and IO.

FIC 2016: Is security the main challenge of the Internet of Everything?

Christophe Jolly of Cisco France took the stage at FIC 2016 to outline the fundamental security problems in the looming "internet of everything".

Comcast XFINITY flaw sounds Internet of Things security alarm

The recently discovered flaws in Comcast's XFINITY smart home technology was met with the comment that yes, but everyone else is just as bad. Why should this be true of IoT devices?

20% of cyber-attacks attributed to Conficker worm

Detected in everything from police body cameras to the business internet of things (IoT) landscape, now do you give a configuration fick?

Hello Barbie vulnerable to dog attack

The new wi-fi connected Hello Barbie, can be essentially turned into a bug due to weaknesses in the products' central server.

Smart TVs not all that bright when it comes to fighting cyber-threats

Smart TVs are not being targeted by hackers right now, but a researcher at Symantec has noted that cyber-criminals have a wide range of options if they wish to breach the average Smart TV.

Algebraic Eraser, the algorithm running the 'Internet of Things' is broken...again

A team of mathematicians were able to break a key used as part of the encryption system that secures many of the most critical IoT technologies internationally.

BlackHat Amsterdam: 'numbers will make the difference' when securing the IoT

SC sat down with Veracode's Chris Eng to talk about securing the internet of things and the future of cyber-regulation.

Slush Helsinki: IoT security on the rise, physical security becoming more prevalent

As this year's Slush conference opens, securing The Internet of Things has become a hot topic with many of the exhibiting companies tackling the issue head on.

RSA: Is the internet of things the new BYOD?

Greg Day of Palo Alto Networks made the case for learning from the problems of BYOD and applying them to IoT in his presentation to RSA Abu Dhabi today.

New cyber-security organisation aims to secure Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has reached a milestone with the formation of its very own cyber-security foundation.

Heartburn: 200,000 devices 'still susceptible' to Heartbleed bug

As the patching cycle becomes ever longer, some experts are pushing for mandatory security updating of critical IoT devices.

Is the Internet of Things opening the door to a new generation of hitman?

As software becomes increasingly complex, we must start addressing security as a key component at an early stage to prevent long-term costs from spiralling up, says Lev Lesokhin.

Symantec now protecting one billion IoT devices

Symantec reported that its security software is now protecting more than 1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices and as this number expands so will security risks associated with these products.