Internet Security News, Articles and Updates

Second BT outage calls into question security of critical infrastructure

Two internet outages on consecutive days in separate internet exchanges in Docklands, London, calls into question the security of the country's critical communications infrastructure.

RSA 2016:Trust in the internet imperative to sustain worker productivity

One of the more frightening possible result from the seemingly endless stream of hacks taking place is that they degrade public trust in the internet and this could lead to a serious fall off in worker productivity

Aged RC4 cipher to be shunned by security conscious browsers

In an apparent coordinated announcement, Google, Mozilla and Microsoft announced that they would stop using the RC4 stream cipher in their respective browsers.

Russia to strengthen state control over the internet

As Russia moves to strengthen state control over the internet in Russia, commercial concerns are anxious that any telco or ISP could be acquired.

ICANN hacked

Syrian Electronic Army hacks newspapers and tech firms via 3rd party website

The 'Syrian Electronic Army' is reported to have hacked the websites of UK newspapers The Independent, The Telegraph and the Evening Standard - as well as a host of global companies.

UK internet firms warn of more mass surveillance

Internet firms and privacy campaigners are warning that a new Government law could pave the way for the renewed blanket collection of personal mobile phone data for use by UK police and intelligence agencies.

G4S shares sent tumbling by fake website that cost £12 to build

British security services company G4S saw shares decline yesterday following a hoax emailed message and website.

Internet Security Alliance to launch European spinoff

A European version of the Internet Security Alliance think-tank will launch next spring.

Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee sees future of 'trackable' data

Sir Tim Berners-Lee talked up the importance of web neutrality and how 'rich and trackable' data will be essential in solving issues around online privacy.

Real threats start with humans, not technology

When the two IPs meet (intellectual property and internet protocol) the value of the business becomes vulnerable says Dave King, with IT often just providing a sticking plaster to hide C-suite ignorance.

Heartbleed slows down the internet

As Hearbleed slows down the internet, experts say that two-factor authentication may the way forward to protect our web sessions.

New malware component changes router's DNS settings remotely

Routers from Cisco, D-Link, Huawei, TP-Link and ZTE have been identified as vulnerable.

New Linkup ransomware steals your bitcoins

New ransomware has been discovered that slyly mines computers for bitcoins to steal.

Report: Internet data poses risk to UK's energy grid

A new report claims that information freely available on the Internet can be used to mount a cyber-attack on the UK's energy and allied utility grids.

Bug in Chinese cameras raises fears over 'Internet of Things'

'Dumb devices' offer unpatched vulnerabilties

EU cyber agency: Websites must improve user trust

EU Cyber Security Agency says websites must do more to promote trust

Holiday shopping phishing attacks on the rise

As Royal Mail issues phishing warning, a Manchester-based phishing scammer is jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Patch Tuesday update addresses 24 bugs, including exploited TIFF zero-day

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday update has been released, giving users a highly anticipated fix for a TIFF zero-day flaw and 23 other bugs affecting company software.

Microsoft boosts Internet encryption and transparency

Microsoft commits to improving Internet encryption, as Forrester says that the cloud has become the new normal for businesses.