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Ecuador cuts Assange's internet

Ecuador cut Julian Assange's internet connection after the nation said the WikiLeaks founder violated an agreement to not insinuate himself in other countries' business or try to exert influence.

Malicious bot traffic climbs 9.5 percent in 2017, says report

The number of malicious bots circulating around the internet and impacting website performance increased by 9.5 in 2017, accounting for 21.8 percent of all traffic, according to a new report Tuesday.

Cryptocurrency mining attacks increasing exponentially, no end in sight

Cryptocurrency miners are seemingly working away under every rock on the internet and there is good reason. It's an almost guaranteed payday with a negligible chance of being discovered.

Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system

Arguably, the most important battleground is not a geographic location; it's the internet. And here, just as in real-world battles, the enemies of the United States are hoping to find areas of vulnerability to exploit.

France mulls manufacturer liability & open-sourcing, IoT industry on edge

The French government has floated a proposal to make manufacturers of internet-connected devices liable for the security of their devices while they are on the market.

Darkest Hour? Cyber-war clouds gather as unprecedented threat looms

The internet is more than an infrastructure - it mediates human behaviour so it can have unprecedented impact - threatening our survival. It can be manipulated to constitute an insider threat on an unprecedented scale.

Stolen adult site login credentials help fuel dark web economy

Cyber-criminals have been using pornography and adult content as a lure to spread malware and steal information since it hit the internet, but recent research shows that access to sites is also fueling a lucrative trade on the dark web.

US FCC to repeal net neutrality, could increase cyber-security threats

The commission decided today to repeal the regulations put in place under the Obama administration, prompting criticism that the move would not only choke freedom but would compromise security and privacy.

One year since the Dyn attack: Have attitudes to DNS security changed?

Until their company has been attacked and suffered a tangible business loss, most organisations regard DNS as simply plumbing rather than critical infrastructure that requires proactive defence says Dr Malcolm Murphy.

60m internet users risked ejection in ICANN security update - ISPs fault

A proposed security change to the underlying infrastructure of the internet has been significantly delayed due to fears that it could knock up to eight percent of those affected - in total an estimated 750 million people, offline at a stroke.

Researcher believes major DDoS attacks part of military recon to shut down internet

The attacks targeted major companies that provide internet infrastructure and appear to have probed the companies' defenses to determine capabilities.

Singapore to shut off internet access for government agencies

The government of Singapore is to shut off access to the internet of government agencies in an effort to preempt a cyber-attack or a data breach.

46% of Brits prefer to give up the gym instead of internet connection

Almost half (46 percent) of UK consumers would sacrifice their membership to the gym instead of their internet connection.

Report finds millions of firewall ports left open unnecessarily

A survey of all the ports on the internet is designed to provide decision-makers with the statistical information they need to make informed decisions on engineering the internet - and reveals many, many are open to hackers.

Video: Chris Wysopal on how long it would take to break the internet

From hacker to security researcher and CTO of a major cyber-security software company, Chris Wysopal has developed strong views on what works and doesn't work and how the world needs to wise up to security.

Critical Bind vulnerability could snuff out large parts of internet

A single packet could leave the internet in a bind, warn experts.

Russia to strengthen state control over the internet

As Russia moves to strengthen state control over the internet in Russia, commercial concerns are anxious that any telco or ISP could be acquired.

North Korea's internet downed by suspected DDoS attacks

North Korea suffered two major internet outages on Tuesday and Wednesday but - contrary to rumours of a post-Sony breach retaliation by the US government - the likely explanation looks more mundane.

GCHQ wants to become more transparent, claims web pioneer

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, widely-recognised as the inventor of the World Wide Web, has claimed that the UK's electronic surveillance and oversight body GCHQ is trying to become more transparent on spying.

57% of UK adults want a Digital Bill of Rights

While there is now dissatisfaction with web security and calls, led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, for a Digital Bill of Rights in the UK, commentators do not believe it would be practical.

All your vulnerabilities belong to us: The rise of the exploit

The growing impact of web exploits isn't just limited to the enterprise market and must be countered on an industry-scale, says Pedro Bustamante.

ICYMI: Data breach disclosure, European privacy & internet outages

This week's In Case You Missed It looks at data breach response, new concerns on EU privacy and claims that the internet is breaking 'under its own weight'.

The dungeon of the 'Deep Web'; where even the spiders dare not travel

Charles Sweeney asks, are your staff inadvertently leaving the back door open via an innocent lunch-time browse?

Update: Government slated as Mumsnet becomes first UK Heartbleed victim

The Government's reaction to the 'Heartbleed' flaw has been criticised after the Mumsnet parenting site became the UK's first known victim of Heartbleed hackers.

NSA denies exploiting Heartbleed bug for surveillance

The National Security Agency (NSA) has dismissed reports that it has been exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability to carry out internet surveillance.

Cyber attacks are targeting Heartbleed flaw, says US CERT

As the latest major security bug prompts cyber-crime and phishing attacks, experts advise on changing passwords and what CISOs can do.

EU telco/ISP/CSP data retention rules ruled invalid

"I do hope the Home Office has properly thought-out contingency plans" says Professor Peter Sommer, data forensics specialist.