Cloud services platform provider Interoute has announced that it is to place security services into its European cloud.

These will include security of messaging systems, blocking of malicious content and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. According to the company, by managing high-performance sensors built into the core of its network, Interoute can protect organisations from attack by diverting malicious traffic away from their networks and towards a mitigation device, where the traffic is cleaned.

Organisations can pay monthly for the threat mitigation services, which include DDoS mitigation, intrusion prevention and email filtering. Users log into Interoute's European cloud via its online portal, The Cloud Store, to monitor and assess the threats and report on incidents as they happen.

Jeff Finch, security services product manager at Interoute, said: “The recent spate of cyber attacks on organisations' networks is a stark reminder that businesses cannot predict the scale, time or type of attack. The unpredictability and continuously changing nature of threats mean that organisations need to be prepared and have flexibility in the solutions they deploy. Interoute understands this need for agility and is providing flexible services to suit the shift in the threats.”

It plans to add certification and encryption capabilities, next-generation application firewalls, secure email encryption, archiving and managed endpoint protection in the first half of 2012, and vulnerability and policy management, secure storage, security information and event management and validated threat feeds later in the year.