Interpol to open cybercrime centre in Singapore

News by Doug Drinkwater

Interpol announced its Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) building in Singapore today, which will be used by world police to detect, investigate and prevent cyber-crime.

Singapore second minister S Iswaran presented the building to Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble at an opening ceremony on Tuesday and both men described how it how it will be used for police-to-police information sharing and for delivering ‘actionable intelligence on identified threats within cyberspace'.

Iswaran said that the centre will ‘support member countries' operations by providing law enforcement agencies with advanced tools and techniques to ‘counter the latest cyber-crime trends' and added that it will see the police work closely with private sector.

"It will also facilitate information-sharing with the private sector, which could have critical information that can strengthen efforts and actions against cyber-crime," he added.

Jamie Saunders, director at the UK's national cyber crime unit (NCCU) commented to SC, "You need to have the ability to actually cooperate with law enforcement in other countries and that's where we are looking forward to the growth of the Interpol centre in Singapore where we have deployed an officer. That provides a great platform both for training, and also networking. Often the problem is knowing who to pick up the phone to, who deals with cyber crime, because say Vietnam has suddenly appeared on your operational radar.”

The centre is due to open next April and the announcement coincides with the joint Interpol/Europol cyber-crime conference which is taking place in Singapore later this week.

“Police are traditionally trained to protect citizens from harm, a harm that is visible, or simply physical in nature. But the widening intersection of real and virtual lives challenges that very tradition, and hence with the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation, IGCI as we call it, Interpol wanted to establish a centre dedicated to fighting cyber-crime,” said Noble at the handover ceremony.


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