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Interpol warns IoT devices at risk

Cyber-attacks against IoT devices have grown markedly over the past two years, prompting a warning from Interpol that nearly any IoT device - from refrigerators to smartphones - is vulnerable to attack.

Group IB, INTERPOL sign data exchange agreement

Group IB, the cyber-security firm that uncovered the BadRabbit ransomware attacks in October, has signed a threat-exchange agreement with INTERPOL.

Europol calls for cooperation on Darkweb and IOT use by criminals

In recent conferences Europol has been teaming up with other organisations to ensure a joint law enforcement approach with Interpol to the darkweb and ransomware especially, and with ENISA to meet the challenge of IOT.

Kaspersky Lab renews threat sharing relationship with INTERPOL

Kaspersky Lab and Interpol announced on Thursday that they have signed a new cyber-crime threat sharing pact that will strengthen the two organisations' collaborative relationship.

Czech police nab Russian suspected of hacking US targets

The Police of the Czech Republic on Tuesday announced the arrest of an unnamed Russian citizen suspected of hacking US-based targets.

Barclays and Interpol join forces to prevent cyber-crime

UK-based Barclays PLC has teamed up with Interpol to more efficiently fight cyber-crime

'Key member' of DD4BC arrested in international crackdown

The cyber-extortionist gang DD4BC has reportedly suffered a blow as one of the group's key members was arrested and another detained this week in a crackdown which has brought together law enforcement agencies from around the world.

Global efforts take down 37,000 websites selling counterfeit goods

In an effort by global law enforcement, over 37,000 websites selling counterfeit goods have been shut down during the time leading up to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.