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Interview. Amazon Web Services CISO: accelerating business while ensuring security

Late last year SC Media UK finally met someone confident that their organisation is GDPR compliant, ready for the new regulations coming into force in May: Stephen Schmidt, CISO, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Interview: Understanding zero trust models - Akamai's preferred approach

Patrick Sullivan, director, security technology and strategy at Akamai Technologies explains the concept of Zero Trust perimeters and cloud perimeters in an interview with SC Media UK's editor-in-chief, Tony Morbin.

IBM: Carmina Lees interview

IBM is starting to make waves in the cyber-security space, leveraging the fact that it has to secure its own vast global business.

Video: Don't give up on protecting your systems, says Check Point president

The cyber-security landscape is changing quickly and IT professionals need to keep their systems up to date or fall prey to ever-more sophisticated hackers, says Amnon Bar-Lev in our video interview.