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Investigatory Powers and Digital Economy Bills could threaten economy

Experts are claiming the Investigatory Powers (IP Bill) and Digital Economy (DEB) Bills could hurt the UK economy.

IP Bill: tech firms attempt to offer respite from surveillance

Now that the Investigatory Powers Bill has been passed, tech firms are looking for ways to offer customers ways to circumvent the spying associated with the law.

The Investigatory Powers Bill is now set to become law

The Investigatory Powers Bill has now completed its parliamentary process and is expected to become law within the next few weeks. No one seems that thrilled besides the government.

Investigatory Powers Bill one step closer to becoming law

The Investigatory Powers Bill has passed its third reading in the House of Lords. The House of Lords did suggest some amendments to the bill, which means the bill will be thrown back to the House of Commons for a final 'look over', and is expected to become law by the end of 2016.

What exactly will this new bill of rights mean for privacy laws within the UK?

The Justice Secretary has announced in a radio interview that the government will go ahead with the abolition of the UK's Human Rights Act, only for it to be replaced with a British 'bill of rights'.

Video explainer: What's wrong with encryption back doors?

SC caught up with BeyondTrust's Brian Chappell to find out why weakened encryption for one means weakened encryption for all

IP Bill: the end-to-end-to-end encryption?

A debate in the House of Lords has unearthed some previously unnoticed powers included in the much maligned investigatory powers bill including the desire to break end-to-end encryption.

Tor at work - the privacy and security dilemma

Thomas Fischer believes that the Investigatory Powers Bill will incentivise more citizens to use Tor to protect their online privacy. In turn, this could lead to more people using the Tor network at work, either for privacy reasons or to bypass the company firewall and browsing policies.

UK public approve of Investigatory Powers Bill 'in spirit'

Though deeply unpopular in some circles, a new YouGov poll has shown broad approval for the enumeration of government surveillance powers in the Investigatory Powers Bill.

Is Privacy at Risk?

Privacy is dependent on security while security is dependent on confidentiality, a special case of privacy. This is as true today, in the information age, as it has always been, and we can hardly consider one without the other, writes Tom Reeve

GCHQ wants 'closer relationship' with tech sector

Robert Hannigan, the director of GCHQ, has called for a rapprochement of the often fraught relationship between national security bodies and the tech sector.

IP Bill: Home Office trolling privacy advocates?

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill has been formally presented to Parliament and will soon be debated, after just 120 days of scrutiny from three committees.

Revised Investigatory Powers Bill to be released later today

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill is to be published later today by the Home Office. Introduced last year, it came under fire for it's lack of clarity about privacy and security.

76 percent of IT pros hesitant to weaken or defeat security measures

76 percent of IT professionals disagree that companies should weaken or defeat their own security measures to give authorities access to encrypted content.

Rough start of the week for the Home Office

Dubbing Theresa May's Investigatory Powers Bill as 'confusing', MPs in the science and technology committee released a report which says firms are fearing a rise in hacking due to encryption 'back doors'.

Hungarian government guilty of snooping on its citizens

The European Court of Human Rights has found the Hungarian government guilty of violating article eight of the European Convention of Human rights: the right to privacy

Apple bites into, finds worms in Snoopers Charter

Apple has piled on the criticism of the Investigatory Powers Bill in its submission to the parliamentary committee overseeing the bill.

Current and former CIA directors blame Paris on Snowden and encryption

The current and former directors of the world's most famous intelligence agency lay the blame for terror attacks including Paris at the feet of Edward Snowden and encrypted messaging.

Calls for Investigatory Powers Bill to be accelerated in wake of Paris attacks

Some commentators are calling for the acceleration of the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill in the wake of Friday's attack in the French capital.