Plan B DR has been selected by investment company Coller Capital to provide a fully managed, virtualisation-based business continuity and recovery service.

The company claimed that the service will restore Coller Capital's complex IT systems in minutes, offering a complete business continuity, ensuring it is business as normal even during a major outage.

Plan B DR initially offered Coller Capital a 30-day free trial, involving the protection of a portion of Coller Capital's IT infrastructure, supporting its SharePoint, CRM +AD controller and an SQL Server.

To set this up, Plan B DR sent Coller Capital an intelligent snapshotting appliance that plugs into its network and automatically takes copies of its IT systems - without any need for further IT staff assistance or disruption. The image copies are then sent securely to a Plan B DR data centre, where physical to virtual conversion technology ensures that they run on their virtualised servers.

Matt Ware, head of core services at Coller Capital, said: “When we first fired the service up it actually took our breath away, not only did it do as advertised but with such ease that we were so shocked we called in half the engineering team to try and prove it was some kind of smoke and mirrors demonstration. They discovered that our network was virtualised perfectly and using our live data from the night before. All in 30 minutes flat.”

As well as protecting Coller Capital's business systems, the service has been useful in providing a safe IT systems test environment. This means that Coller Capital can resolve IT issues quickly and cheaply - with no impact on the normal business operations.

“What we like most is the sheer simplicity of the initial set up and the lack of any further input required to keep the service working. The total ease of use of the service means that it is a set and forget solution - which means there is one less thing I have to worry about. Invocation is a phone call away and the support staff at Plan B DR are fantastically helpful and willing to try new uses for the service,” said Ware.