IOActive has launched a security intelligence service that it says will deliver highly customised attack information that is tailored to the specific industries and businesses of its customers.

According to the company, this information is prioritised based on the customer's particular business dynamics and delivered as actionable intelligence. IOActive said that it can also support customers with response, remediation and prevention capabilities based on the intelligence provided.

This service will give users insight that cannot be effectively extrapolated for their specific business from data feeds or big data crunching solutions, it said.

Chris Valasek, director of security intelligence for IOActive who will head the service up, said that with an overabundance of security information available to organisations, most will have a security team to assess this information, but not have the expertise to filter and refine the information to know what to do with it.

“IOActive's new Security Intelligence Service arms our clients with the information they need to remediate and activate defences, while also providing the distillation and projection of threats that executive management teams require,” he said.

“With our new Security Intelligence Service we can provide unprecedented detail into our current research without having to divulge it all to the general public. For example, an organisation with strong interest in medical devices can get in touch with us and receive the information directly from the researcher focused on that area, instead of having to rely on what the mass media provides them.”