IoT hacking village debuts at DEF CON

News by Danielle Correa

The Internet of Things (IoT) has joined the list of hot attractions at the DEF CON hacking village. The new IoT Village opens next month at DEF CON 23 in Las Vegas that will include a capture-the-flag and zero-day discovery contest and most notably a hacking contest of consumer and office equipment and medical devices. This year's conference will also feature new villages that are dedicated to car and bio hacking.

Some of the devices to be featured in the hacking village include ASUS and Zyxel home routers, a Samsung baby monitor, Apple Time Capsule Network Storage, Netgear and Forscam security cameras and a Blipcare WiFi Blood Pressure Monitor.

Ted Harrington, lead organiser of the IoT Village, says the goal is to assist in promoting more securely built networked consumer devices. Harrington also notes: “One of the things we're constantly seeing is functionality absolutely being considered first, and security implications not being considered at all.”

The IoT security problem may be more blatant than with other networked devices, however the theme is comparable. Security experts say that the good news for now is that most of the security flaws discovered so far in IoT devices mainly have a small impact overall, for now, anyway.


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