IP Bill News, Articles and Updates

Amnesty says UK leads Europe-wide 'race to bottom' with terrorism laws

Amnesty has claimed its new report aims to give a bird's eye view of the national security landscape in Europe. "It shows just how widespread and deep the 'securitisation' of Europe has become since 2014," it said.

IP Tribunal: Intelligence services used 'unlawful' bulk collection since 1998

The Tribunal which oversees UK foreign and domestic intelligence has handed down a damning judgement that the intelligence services unlawfully collected the personal data of UK citizens for over a decade.

Will the Investigatory Powers Bill mean handing over the keys to the kingdom?

Nic Scott discusses how the IP Bill will fundamentally change the relationship between UK citizens and the government.

Irish government to ask for communications interception powers

Ireland may soon be getting something very similar to the UK's Investigatory Powers bill if deputy prime minister Frances Fitzgerald's expected recommendations are made.

Russia's Duma approves bill requiring decryption backdoors

Russia's lower house of parliament approved sweeping anti-terrorism legislation that requires companies to decrypt any message sent by users.

UK Parliament passes Investigatory Powers Bill

Most MPs in the UK House of Commons have agreed to pass the Investigatory Powers Bill, in a vote of 444-69 in favour, most Labour MPs who had appeared to be against the bill voted in favour of it.

Privacy International files for judicial review against general hacking warrants

Privacy International has filed for Judicial Review at the UK's High Court, challenging the Investigatory Powers Tribunal's (IPT) decision to allow the Government to issue 'thematic warrants' which allow for general hacking.

Landmark emergency hearing to challenge UK security legislation

Bulk collection is on the ropes as the ECJ will clarify whether UK security legislation is consistent with European law.