IP EXPO 16 News, Articles and Updates

IP Expo: 'Don't be so helpful' to those social engineers

Sophos' Greg Iddon told an audience at IP Expo 2016 some of the ways to spot - and stop - social engineering

IP Expo Europe 2016: 2017 will be 'the year of the data bandit'

According to Tim Grieveson, chief cyber strategist at HP, the coming year will look very different for the illicit data trade

IP Expo: People don't understand that they are the target [video]

James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos, says he is trying to understand why the average person thinks they are not a target for cyber-criminals and how to get that message across to them.

IP Expo: Slaying myths and monsters with Dr Barker [video]

Dr Jessica Barker warns against alienating your users if you want to get them onside in the fight to secure your information network.

IP Expo: Quantum computing is really cool, no really

Jay Gambetta, a research manager for IBM took to the stage this morning at IP Expo Europe 2016 to explain the advances IBM are making in research into quantum computing.

IP Expo: Artificial intelligence - an existential risk [video]

AI enables us to work smarter but is it an existential threat to humanity asks Nick Bostrom, University of Oxford and director of both the Future of Humanity Institute and the Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Centre.

IP Expo: Is the software supply chain putting us at risk?

Josh Corman, founder of I Am the Cavalry, spoke at IP EXPO Europe 2016 and pointed the finger at the software supply chain to tackle cyber-threats, arguing that we need fewer and better suppliers.

IP Expo: Kaspersky speaks on CNI and says we're living in 'scary times'

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab speaks at IP EXPO Europe 2016 and explains why he believes cyber-attackers are now turning their attention to critical national infrastructure.