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Security considerations when taking iPad POS mainstream

Businesses of all sizes have begun to consider iPad POS as a viable option, but what are the security implications, asks Josh Smith.

75,000 reasons not to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad

Malicious AdThief malware replaces adverts appearing on Apple users screens

Aussie Apple users hacked and ransomed

A swathe of Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone users in Australia have reported being locked out of their devices by hackers demanding a £60 (US $100) ransom - and industry experts have warned the attacks could spread to the UK.

Stealthy Crigent malware infects Word and Excel files

A new malware family that could "creep under the radar" of many system administrators has been found infecting Microsoft Word and Excel files.

iPhone apps are 'more risky than Android'

Surprising new research reveals that iPhone apps are 'more risky than Android' and also details that 90 percent of all top apps are under threat too.