The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert for Apple's iPhone, saying that it misled buyers into thinking they would have access to the whole internet.

Apple's TV advert ran with a voiceover that claimed: “You never know which part of the internet you'll need... which is why all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone.”

However, complaints were made when users could not use Flash or Java, which Apple has so far decided not to support on the product. Instead, white space appears in place of a graphic, animation or video, and some applications don't work.

Online services for BBC iPlayer came up with new systems so that iPhone users could access the videos on offer. YouTube can be viewed via the Apple handset's QuickTime player.

Two viewers' complaints were upheld by the ASA, which rejected Apple's defence that only certain parts of some websites were unavailable and that no sites were entirely inaccessible from the handset. But the ASA stated that viewers of the advert could have been led to expect access to all websites in their entirety and has told Apple that it cannot re-broadcast the advert in its current format.