FIPS 140-2 encryption and improved performance have been added to the new version of Ipswitch's WhatsUp Gold IT management solution.

According to the company, version 15 offers a new task-oriented user interface, single-pane integration with Layer 2 discovery, event log management and advanced flow monitoring automation. It said that users can discover, map and monitor their network devices, log files and flows from a single console.

Kevin Gillis, VP of product management for WhatsUp Gold, said that there is a demand in file transfer for strong encryption. Talking to SC Magazine, he said: “Security also means permissions and access control, up until now if you wanted to create a user all you could do was ask to authenticate the user, but now with a group you have policy management so if you have a group within Active Directory you can inherit that group into WhatsUp Gold.”

The technology, which Gillis said is now marking its 20th anniversary since the first version was launched, also offers improved access performance and log information from key devices and is proactive in stopping security threats and maintaining compliance.

The company has also announced the launch of version 15 of its Flow Monitor that automatically discovers, detects and configures network devices, reducing time spent on manual configurations. A virtual edition is available with WhatsVirtual version 15.

Ennio Carboni, president of Ipswitch network management division, said: “The most important asset a network administrator has is time. Working with over 500 customers and thousands of inputs from the WhatsUp Gold user community, our development team has succeeded in creating a product that makes IT management.

“The integration of Event Log Management, Layer 2 discovery and maps in WhatsUp Gold version 15 offers an executive view into the security of key enterprise assets, providing faster problem resolution and the ability to make more informed decisions on updates to network topology and infrastructure.”