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US retreat from Iran agreement could spur uptick in cyber-attacks

While pundits debate the diplomatic and nuclear proliferation implications of US President Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Iran agreement, the change in tactics will likely impact cyber-security.

Iranians take to the streets to protest Telegram ban

Iran on Monday followed Russia's example by banning the popular messaging app Telegram citing the app's impact on national security and to help quell the protests that have recently swept through that nation.

Indicted Iranian hackers phished targets using library account lures

The nine US-indicted Iranians who stand accused of exfiltrating 31 terabytes of research and data from educational institutions, companies and government agencies, allegedly used phishing schemes to steal university credentials.

Iranians indicted over state-sponsored IP theft, hacking US universities

The US Dept of Justice has charged nine Iranians from the Mabna Institute with stealing more than 31 terabytes of files from US, UK and other universities, companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

Pro-establishment Iranian hackers gaining prominence in the Persian Gulf

The rising capabilities of Iranian hackers came to the fore in 2017 when hacker groups like Helix Kitten, Charming Kitten, and Volatile Kitten launched several crippling cyber-attacks on Saudi Arabian entities.

The Iranian Cyber-threat

Amid reports of Russian hackers influencing elections, Chinese hackers pilfering state secrets, and North Korea launching ransomware attacks, it would be easy to underestimate Iran's potential as a cyber-threat to the US.

Microsoft Office flaw exploited by suspected Iranian APT group

Researchers believe a suspected Iranian APT group is responsible for a recent cyber-espionage operation that targeted a Middle Eastern government organisation.

Alleged HBO hacker, two others possibly linked to Iranian APT group

Researchers with ClearSky Cyber Security believe with medium-level confidence that they've linked three individuals to the Iranian advanced persistent threat group Charming Kitten, including the man accused of hacking HBO.

DUMB ransomware attacks Iranian targets via compromised VPN

Maher, Iran's Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERTCC), has warned that 'Tyrant' ransomware is being distributed in the country via a compromised VPN app, undermines trust in IT dept.

Iran is being blamed for a cyber-attack against Parliamentary emails

The 23 June 12-hour brute force hack-attack against 9,000 parliamentary email accounts, including minsters and the PM, is now being blamed on Iran.

Malicious websites targeting Israeli institutions- TwoFace webshell link

A webshell used to harvest credentials from an unnamed Middle Eastern organisation appears to be targeting Israeli institutions and may possibly be linked to the Iranian APT group OilRig.

FireEye ties APT33 to Iran and attacks on US, Saudi Arabian interests

FireEye has laid out evidence that it believes connects the hacking of several US, Saudi Arabian and South Korean aerospace and petrochemical facilities to an Iranian cyber-group it has labeled APT33.

Interview: Dr Fatemi Ardakani, director, Bank Melli Iran: ID & authentication

Clearer definitions between privacy, security, and trust - a mix of these areas can be a great place for innovations. Identification and authentication are two particular areas that lots of innovation can happen says Dr Fatemi Ardakani

Persistent Persian Prince learns from takedowns - now avoids sinkholes

The information stealer, dubbed Foudre, incorporates new anti-takeover techniques in an attempt to avoid having its Command and Control (C2) infrastructure domains being sinkholed

Swiss investigators drop nuclear talks malware spying case

Investigators have decided to drop an investigation into malware found in a hotel in Geneva after they failed to establish who was behind it

Iran investigating possible cyber angle on oil fires

Iran's Supreme National Cyber-space Council is investigating whether a recent string of oil and petrochemical fires were caused by a cyber-attack.

Black Hat Las Vegas: Researchers detail efforts against Iranian dissidents

Two independent cyber-security researchers took the stage at Black Hat to diagram how groups possibly controlled by the Iranian government are targeting dissidents.

20 million Iranian mobile users' data leaked but operator denies being hacked

Iran's second largest mobile operator, Irancell, lost the personal information of 20 million customers in a data leak last week but denies being hacked.

US indicts seven Iranians for hacking banks and a NY dam

Seven Iranians connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard were indicted today for conducting a hacking campaign that included DDoS attacks on banks and accessing the control system of a New York dam.

Cyber-security threat could cause 'Fukushima-like disaster'

A new report has warned of the dangers of bad cyber-security when it comes to nuclear power, handing out '0' ratings to tens of countries around the world and warning of a Fukushima-scale threat.

Two new cyber-espionage groups targeting ISPs inside Iran

Previously unknown cyber-espionage groups have been attacking individuals mainly in Iran but also the UK, US, Germany and Holland for the past 18 months or more, says Symantec.

The USB killer returns

Iran deal prompts US concerns over country's growing cyber-programme

A diplomatic agreement that restricts Iran's nuclear programme may indirectly shift its focus towards cyber-warfare efforts.