Irish security specialist leads ICTTF to combat cyber-crime

News by Danielle Correa

The ICTTF is led by Paul Dwyer to assist nations in the fight against cyber-crime.

 An International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) has been created, set up by Dwyer, Chuck Georgo, Mike Muskatell and Omar Todd to fight cyber-crime against national economies, led by Paul C Dwyer, a respected security consultant, 

Dwyer is president of ICTTF and CEO of Cyber Risk International. He is also co-chairman of the UK National Cyber Crime Unit and deputy chair of the Organised Crime Task Force in Northern Ireland.

In addition to hosting an online cyber-security community, ICTTF holds regular cyber-threat summits and funds cyber-safety campaigns that include a portal for parents.

“Working together, we can find ways to protect our businesses from current threats, detect and close loopholes to prevent future exposure, and discover a means to police the internet so that would-be criminals have no place to hide, and nothing to gain from their unlawful activities,” Dwyer said. 

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