IRISSCERT conference kicks off, as statistics reveal level of cyber crime against Irish websites
IRISSCERT conference kicks off, as statistics reveal level of cyber crime against Irish websites

Almost all website hacks in Ireland this year have been attributed to organised crime gangs with the primary motivation being financial.

As the Irish reporting and information security service (IRISSCERT) conference takes place in Dublin today, the service released statistics for 2011, revealing that from 1 January until 31 October, IRISSCERT had 441 security incidents reported to it, 92 per cent of which related to Irish websites being broken into by criminals to host phishing sites to target unsuspecting users. Just under all (96 per cent) were suspected of being sponsored by organised crime gangs.

IRISSCERT also revealed that there were three major issues which targeted three specific and separate Irish organisations, in which it co-ordinated the response and alerted the potential victims so they could take the most appropriate action to manage the threat.

Spokesperson Brian Honan, said: “The volume and type of incidents we deal with on a daily basis are a clear indication to Irish businesses that cyber crime is a real threat to our systems, our businesses and the economy.

“We can no longer afford to treat information security as an afterthought and need to ensure we take the appropriate steps to secure our systems. Criminals are sharing information and working together so they can exploit our systems and steal our money. Businesses need to better share information with the community so we all can learn; IRISSCERT provides this facility.”

This year's IRISSCERT cyber crime conference takes place today (23 November) at the D4 Berkley Hotel in Dublin, and includes speakers from Sourcefire, Trustwave SpiderLabs, the IEDR, Trend Micro and Realex Payment Systems. Also speaking is Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, and former SC Magazine Information Security Person of the Year Stephen Bonner, now a partner at KPMG.

In parallel to the conference, IRISSCERT will host HackEire, the Irish cyber security challenge. The challenge will see a network configured similar to that of an Irish company operating on the internet, and up to ten teams will compete against each other to breach the defences of that network.