IronKey has added multi-layered fraud prevention to its Trusted Access Platform and announced the future launch of a secure browser.

According to the company, this will change the focus of the platform from a single-point security control to an integrated approach that strengthens online security for banks and their customers. Its multiple layers of security  combine secure browsing, authentication, analytics and management to reduce risk while simplifying operations.

Also included is a downloadable software client that creates secure banking sessions by insulating the connection between the client device and the banking site.

Director of product marketing at IronKey, Kevin Bocek, said the product had been developed to address the challenges of modern malware, now that authentication can be bypassed and banking Trojans are becoming more sophisticated.

He said: “The platform now allows banks to strengthen security that is relevant to today's risks. A cyber criminal can take over the banking session to control the browser and monitor a banking session where you will not be logged out. The platform not only needs a secure browser to stop that, but strong authentication. Using a smartphone application to enable a secure browser is different from authentication as a code can be compromised, so we will launch a secure browser for the start of 2012.”

Bocek added that the company is also planning a move into the mobile security arena to enable smartphone users to safely access online banking.

Arthur Wong, chief executive of IronKey, said: “For our banking service provider partners, the Trusted Access Platform delivers significant competitive differentiation and faster time-to-market compared with cobbling together disparate products from multiple vendors that ultimately leave points of risk unaddressed.”