IronKey confirms sale of brand and launch of secure access solution from Marble Cloud

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IronKey has rebranded to 'Marble Cloud' to move into the secure cloud access space.

IronKey has rebranded to ‘Marble Cloud' to move into the secure cloud access space.

According to the company, its Marble Access solutions offer an end-to-end hardened environment that allows any user to securely access enterprise provisioned public and private clouds, from anywhere, on any of their own devices. Solutions are offered for iOS, Android and other Windows or Linux endpoints.

There are three components available: Marble App for users to download and install, which is based on policies defined by enterprise on the Marble Cloud management service; the Marble Cloud management service that allows administrators to define policies across PC and mobile device platforms for cloud access control, endpoint security, VPN configuration, cloud access whitelists, malware scanning and jailbreak detection on the cloud service; finally, the Marble Network VPN service that encrypts all cloud access on any WiFi hotspot in the world.

The Marble Access platform also enables IT security teams to manage policies in one central location from the Marble Cloud security service, grant access to internal and external cloud services and by using integrated, whitelisting and blacklisting and other policy controls, prevent risky behaviour, the company said.

David Jevans, founder and CTO of Marble Cloud, said that Marble Access changes the paradigm of the security industry, because it starts with the assumption that an endpoint and a network connection are compromised, and hardens endpoint clients that are then linked using encryption and strong authentication through a multi-layer security system that includes a trusted network and a cloud-based managed authentication and risk analytic service.

He said: “The Marble platform turns the endpoint and cloud security paradigm on its head. The difference between our approach and everyone else boils down to isolation, an integrated, multi-layer approach that has already proven to be more effective at preventing zero-day attacks than detect and patch.”

The re-naming of the company comes after the IronKey brand was acquired by Imation. Jevans said: “IronKey is an extremely well-known brand in the security space, but it is very tightly tied to secure data storage; that identity now fits Imation's business better than ours.

“Today's name change marks an exciting new era and will help us to distinguish between our roots as the creators of the world's most secure storage and our future as the world's most secure way to surf the web and access cloud services, the brand identity we will build for Marble Cloud.”


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