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IronPoint Location Manager 200


Foundry Networks



AP-150 Access Points £299 each. Location Manager from £4,449

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Strengths: Scales to large number of IronPoints. The Win32 configuration client is stable and easy to use

Weaknesses: Needs a serial cable and it took several reconfigurations to get the configuration saved

Verdict: A good overall product with a good range of features

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Foundry's IronPoint Wireless Location Manager is a software application that can be used to configure, manage and audit Foundry IronPoint Mobility access points. The user interface is a graphical Win32 application that was easy to install on an existing Windows XP machine.

The application provides several features such as the mapping of access point to the floor plan of your organisation (this is handy for detecting and tracking down rogue access points), Wireless Access point configuration, client configuration as well as a logging and reporting interface. The reports created by this application were as good a reporting mechanism as we have reviewed so far. The software was able to detect our rogue access point without difficulty.

While most of the installation went smoothly, the IronPoint 200 had to be configured through a serial cable. This was a bit of a challenge since most manufacturers no longer build serial ports in their laptops and desktops. The initial configuration can be done with the Hyperterminal program. The lists of functions provided by the CLI are easy to understand and the CLI interface has a Cisco feel to it.

We did experience difficulty trying to save the changes to the access point. We configured the access point several times and, when completed, we could not find the save function in order to make the changes permanent. The install guide informs the administrator that it is safe to simply power down the access point without saving the configuration first. However, in our testing all changes that were not saved were erased when we removed power. Once the configuration was on the access point, the Wireless Location Manager application is used to configure the rest of the device through the Win32 program interface.

The unit is shipped free of an IP address and the installation would be much smoother with a quick-start guide and a default private IP address.

Documentation is available in the form of several PDF files that are indexed and searchable. In addition to product documentation there is also an installation guide. The installation guide is handy, but a quick-start guide would be preferable.