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CYBERCOM 'reluctant' to cut off Islamic State internet

The US Cyber-Command is hesitant to shut down the Islamic State's online capability, and with apparently good reason

Pawn Storm targets Turkish government, says Trend Micro

Trend Micro has identified what it believes to be the APT group Pawn Storm's fingerprints all over recent attacks on Turkish government departments.

Manual teaches IS members how to encrypt

American researchers have found an OPSEC manual circulating on Islamic State chatrooms that aims to teach militants how to encrypt their communications to professional levels.

Anonymous' Twitter war hits stumbling block

Anonymous' crowd-sourced Twitter war against the so-called Islamic State has been hit with accusations of unreliability.

Anonymous 'getting in the way' in campaign against ISIS

Anonymous' campaign against the Islamic State's internet assets has been criticised as a move that only hinders security and intelligence services attempts to investigate them.

Calls for Investigatory Powers Bill to be accelerated in wake of Paris attacks

Some commentators are calling for the acceleration of the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill in the wake of Friday's attack in the French capital.

Malaysian police arrest man for hacking files for IS

Malaysian police said that a Kosovan man has been arrested for supposedly hacking into a computer database and supplying information on US security officials to the so-called Islamic State group.