University of Warwick students have been given the opportunity to join (ISC)² via an Academic Affiliate Agreement with the WMG department.

The agreement will offer a three-day, specially devised CISSP Compact course to attract and develop the next generation of professionals and improve security standards through education. Renowned for its education programmes and courses in the UK and abroad, WMG is an academic department of the University of Warwick and one of the largest MSc departments in the country.

Harjinder Singh Lallie, senior teaching fellow of cyber security at WMG, said: “WMG is proud to have become an (ISC)2 Academic Affiliate. This allows our students to gain a certification that provides a breadth of requisite underpinnings in the cyber security domain.

“WMG's goal is to be recognised nationally and internationally for offering one of the top cyber security courses available and one that expressly meets the needs of industry. We consider the CISSP certification to be the most highly sought-after in cyber security. It carries international recognition and significance and provides our students with an excellent advantage when seeking employment in this domain.”

John Colley, managing director, EMEA for (ISC)2, said: “It is heartening to see that WMG is committed to supporting its graduates as they move into the working world, and in particular to helping young people discover a career in the growing field of information security.  Young people - even young IT students - are largely unaware of the potential for a career in the field, which is restricting the entry of new talent and contributing to a rising skills gap as the existing workforce ages.

“As a professional organisation, we are committed to working with academic institutions to increase interest in and support the entry of more people into information security, while also ensuring they get the support they need to become productive despite a lack of practical experience.”