(ISC)2 has announced that registration is now open for classes and exams for its Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP).

A six-month experience assessment process, which closed on 31st March 2009, attracted nearly 1,000 applicants from 50 countries, 446 of which have earned the CSSLP to date.

The first open exams will be offered beginning on 30th June 2009 and will be administered at any location around the world where (ISC)2 offers exams. CSSLP CBK Review Seminars will be available from (ISC)2 education affiliates in five EMEA countries - Germany, United Kingdom, Egypt, Poland and Italy.

John Colley, managing director, EMEA for (ISC)2, said: “The number of successful applications we received during the experience assessment, indicate that companies are recognising the urgent need to tackle the escalating problem of unsecured software.

“The CSSLP is a solid first step toward making security a concern and a component in every aspect of the lifecycle of software development and benefits organisations, governments, citizens and professionals alike.”