The online self-assessment tool known as studISCope from (ISC)2 has been expanded to include the certified secure software lifecycle professional (CSSLP) accreditation.

According to (ISC)2, studISCope provides a simulation of the CSSLP certification exams and also serves as a mechanism for professionals to pursue continuous self development, regardless of whether they acquire the CSSLP certification. At the conclusion of the simulation, the test taker receives his or her score, providing them with a readiness assessment and focused study plan.

The tool also offers a personalised reporting system with learning progress indicators that provide insight into a candidate's knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, as well as a readiness gauge that pinpoints the candidate's comprehension level of the specific areas of the (ISC)² candidate information bulletin.

Mano Paul, (ISC)2 software assurance advisor and CEO of Express Certifications that developed studISCope, said: “With application security topping the list of security concerns by information security professionals in the 2011 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study, there is no better time for professionals to consider obtaining their CSSLP.

“StudISCope allows CSSLP candidates to experience the look and feel of the official certification exam as closely as possible with 300 exam questions.”

Alessandro Moretti, a volunteer member from Switzerland of the (ISC)2 board of directors and a senior risk and security executive in financial services, said: “This tool is a great way for software professionals to assess their own security competency on an ongoing basis. This approach to ongoing self education by software professionals will collectively contribute to better enterprise security for enterprises, given the numerous and incessant software security threats organisations face today.”